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The Hajoca Story

Hajoca Corporation is the nation’s largest privately-held wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating and industrial supplies. Founded in 1858, Hajoca has grown to over 400 locations in 40 states by sticking to a straightforward business strategy- combining the strength and power of a large company with freedom and opportunity for its teammates.

Hajoca offers superior supply and distribution options while maintaining our identity, our team, and our business model of individually-managed profit centers with an emphasis on building lasting relationships with our clients and partners. With the support of Hajoca and our tradition for service excellence, we will continue to tell our unique story of success here in the Texas Region which consists of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Our Mission

To be the best at what we do in each market we serve.

What Makes our opportunity unique?

Hajoca gives all the decision making authority to the Managers and their teams in the field. Each manager determines how best to attack their market, structure the business and develop their team. They also decide who to hire, how to manage inventory and how to price that inventory. The manager runs the business like it’s his/her own without the hassles and personal financial investment required in an ownership position. And they do it with the utmost of professionalism and integrity. There is not a lot of upper management telling them how to run the business. The job for those at the region and corporate levels is to provide the necessary support so that each profit center is able to succeed at the highest level.

  • Provide exceptional, error free service and dependability
  • Maximize profits and benefits for customers, vendors and ourselves
  • Offer every teammate opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Operate in a professional and ethical manner.

Our Core Values

Since 1858, we’ve been building on a solid foundation based on our core beliefs.

  • Fairness and caring
  • Trust and respect
  • Generous listening
  • Straight talk

Every interaction with a teammate, vendor or customer keeps these four core values in mind. Every employee contributes to our successes and deserves respect, from our drivers and warehouse teams to our development program trainees to our most tenured profit center managers. We solve problems together and we aren’t afraid to ask for help when we need it. We’re quick to lend a hand and we use feedback to improve upon areas of opportunity.

Our Vision

Everything’s bigger in the Texas Region, including our goals. With 53 profit centers currently in the Hajoca family within the Texas Region, our long term vision is to expand to 73 profit centers within Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas by 2024. Our growth forecast is clear, but we can’t take our goals to new markets without the right leadership to lead our teams. We are continually looking for future leaders so we can fund the growth we want in the future. If you are self-motivated, great at building relationships, know how to close deals, and like reaping the rewards of hard work, you’ll fit right in at the Texas Region of Hajoca.

One Hajoca doing business under many market leader brands.

A growth strategy for Hajoca has been to acquire businesses throughout the U.S. In the acquisition Hajoca allows each business to retain its original name. This promotes a seamless transition and reduces confusion among customers. In the Texas Region we have locations under the Moore Supply, Hughes Supply, Hajoca and All-Tex brand names. Our showrooms operate under under the Bath & Kitchen Showplace and Facets name. Hear more about our culture from Hajoca president Rick Fantham.

Our Culture

At Hajoca, people come first. We are a financially-sound, privately-held company and we don’t report to stockholders. Our hiring practices are conservative to reduce turnover and build loyalty among our teammates. We don’t believe in over-hiring for a position and weeding out the poor performers; we only extend offers to the best candidates. Everyone on our team can roll up their sleeves and pull their own weight.

You’ll be given every opportunity to succeed, with comprehensive training and ongoing coaching to ensure you can do your best no matter your role. Sometimes life gets in the way of our ability to perform, and we get that. We are a family-oriented, flexible organization and we work with our teammates to get past obstacles together. If you make the effort, we’ll always meet you halfway.

Who should work for Hajoca?

  • Business grads (Marketing and Management concentrations)
  • Industrial Distribution grads
  • Entrepreneurship grads
  • Supply Chain Management grads
  • Military veterans
  • Athletes with a passion for teamwork
  • Experienced plumbing professionals
  • Inside/outside sales reps